The good old breakfast conundrum, to skip breakfast or to not skip breakfast?


Recent studies have shown that ditching the low calorie, carb-heavy cereals breakfast could actually enhance your weight loss goals.

Nichola Ludlam-Raine, UK dietician, TV personality and Purition ambassador, agrees that weight gain from skipping breakfast is a myth. 

“The traditional high-sugar cereals marketed as a weight loss products are equally as detrimental to weight loss goals as skipping breakfast,” she says.

“When our bodies wake up it has been in a fasted state overnight and fueling your body with a sugar-rich, carbohydrate-heavy breakfast will store as fat if not burned immediately.

“Instead, start your day by filling your body with whole food fuel,” explains Nichola.

Purition’s innovative whole food goodness, rich in protein and healthy fats, is very much at the vanguard of a new morning fuel revolution.

A mixture of 15 different wholefood ingredients – a combination of natural fats, protein and fibre – can keep your body powered throughout the day.

Purition founder Edward Taylor believes his company are already tapping into the demand for a more sustainable first meal of the day.

And his message is that breakfast habits need to change.

“There are so many myths around breakfast but that’s exactly what they are – myths!” said Edward.

“Research has long proved that carb-heavy cereals and crash-diet shakes are a no-no, so Purition is a completely different way to start the day while at the same time helping to achieve your own personal health and fitness goals.

“Our range offers a completely different alternative to traditional ‘healthy’ breakfast items, while also being quick and easy to prepare for those who are time-strapped in the morning.”


Purition is available to buy online at, in-store at Whole Foods Market stores or Planet Organic.